1st & 2nd Fix Carpentry Adelaide

DB Carpentry & Cladding take great pride in bringing your residential project to life by offering both 1st & 2nd Fix carpentry services, and specialised heritage and restoration work throughout metropolitian and regional Adelaide. 


Working off your architectural plan, DB’s Carpentry 1st Fix service includes all areas that fit under the 1st stage of the build. These include constructing wall frames, roof trusses and floor joists. 

Once other trades have completed their works, prior to Gyprock, DB Carpentry & Cladding will work with you to complete the 2nd fix of the carpentry stage. With attention to detail and stunning finishes from door installations, skirting boards, architraves, window frames and flooring.

DB Carpentry and Cladding also offer specialised heritage and restoration works.


Working with quality timber products, from plan to home, DB Carpentry & Cladding take great pride in providing the best service and results for your build.

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